Configuration options | HCL Experience API

The HCL Experience API comes with a set of default configurations. The build package also includes this information, along with the installation steps.

Configuration options for HCL Experience API

These default configurations will be sufficient for most implementers such as administrators and developers:
  • PORTAL_PORT=30015
  • CORS_ORIGIN="http://localhost:3002"
  • CORS_ALLOWED_HEADERS="Content-Type, Authorization, Accept, Cookie, Connection, Host"
  • CORS_EXPOSED_HEADERS="Content-Range, X-Content-Range, set-cookie, Content-Type, Date, Content-Length, Connection"
  • CORS_MAX_AGE=86400
  • NODE_TLS_REJECT_UNAUTHORIZED=0 // To access https HCL Portal instance from http EXPERIENCE API
Nevertheless, the following configuration parameters always have to be changed:
  • PORTAL_HOST, PORTAL_PORT should be changed to HCL Digital Experience hostname and port number.
  • If the HCL Experience API is accessed from a web application (e.g. Sample Content UI application), CORS_ORIGIN should point to the URL where the web application is accessible.