Oracle: Disabling the auto space advisor background task | HCL Digital Experience

To prevent deadlocks during migration, you must complete a task to disable the Oracle background task called "Auto Space Advisor" before your run the upgrade-profile task during migration using the Configuration Wizard. After you complete migration, you can enable "Auto Space Advisor" as a post-migration task.

Before you begin

You can check if the "Auto Space Advisor" task is enabled or disabled by entering the following command from SQL Plus:
SQL> select status from dba_autotask_client where client_name = 'auto space advisor';


Enter the following SQL:
		client_name => 'auto space advisor',
		operation  => NULL,
		window_name => NULL);
Note: If you do not turn off the "Auto Space Advisor," it is possible for the migration to fail with the following Oracle error: ORA-00060: deadlock detected while waiting for resource.

What to do next

When you complete migrating your data using the Configuration Wizard, complete the post-migration step to enable the "Auto Space Advisor" Oracle background task.