Integrating business processes | HCL Digital Experience

Access relevant tasks and activities for multiple business process management solutions from a single user interface. The Unified Task List portlet provides a single point of integration between multiple systems and displays tasks that HCL Portal users must complete to advance workflows. The topics in this section provide information and instructions for developing and customizing the Unified Task List.

Unified Task List Portlet features a service provider layer that accesses, retrieves, and formats workflow events from a back-end system. The service provider layer is coupled with a presentation layer that renders the data in a visually appealing user interface. The separation of the service layer and the presentation layer lets you develop, test, and deploy your own customized Unified Task List in a way that conforms with service-oriented architecture.

The Unified Task List portlet can be found on the Collaborations page of HCL Portal.

Note: If Unified Task List is deployed in clustered environment, there is no need to repeat any configuration steps on the secondary nodes.