Embedding the HCL Portal 8.5 site toolbar dynamically without a dynamic content spot | HCL Digital Experience

Embedding a toolbar into a theme dynamically integrates the toolbar without editing the theme HTML template.


  1. Add wp_toolbar_host_dynamic to the non-deferred section of your theme profiles. This theme module contains both the resources for view mode and edit mode.
    "moduleIDs" : [
  2. See Adding or removing a ready-to-use module to a theme to add a module to your profile.
  3. If you are not using WebDAV to connect to your theme resources, see Setting a profile override on a page.
  4. After you embed a toolbar, you must either restart your portal server. Or, you must use the WebSphere® Integrated Solutions Console to invalidate the resource aggregator cache. To invalidate your cache, click Theme Analyzer > Utilities > Control Center > Invalidate Cache. Auto invalidation recognizes your changes automatically for WebDAV based themes. No further action is required. For more information, see Utilities.