Shared Data application object | HCL Digital Experience

The Shared Data application object is used in rules to share complex data between web applications and HCL Digital Experience in a user's session.

About this task

Use the table to learn more about the Shared Data application object.

Table 1. Feature highlights for the Shared Data application object
Description Shared Data application object
Type of data stored Any type of data.
Location of stored data Encoded in all portal URLs.
Duration of storage Data is tied to a user's session and is available only for the user's session.
Supported user types This object is only used to store data for users with an active session.
Note: The Public Render Parameters application object is also used in rules to share data between portal web applications. Use the Public Render Parameters application object, instead of the Shared Data application object, when you are sharing string data that is not restricted to a user's session.