Installing a remote spell checker | HCL Digital Experience

If you plan to use a spell checker, you must install it remotely.

About this task

You must also have the most recent version of IBM® WebSphere® Application Server installed on the server and create an AppServer profile.


  1. Copy the SpellChecker.ear file from the following directory to any directory on the remote server:
    • AIX® HP-UX IBM® i Linux Solaris: PortalServer_root/lwo/prereq.odc/odc/spellchecker/remoteSpellchecker
    • Windows: PortalServer_root\lwo\prereq.odc\odc\spellchecker\remoteSpellchecker
    • z/OS®: SMP/E-root/PortalServer/lwo/prereq.odc/odc/spellchecker/remoteSpellchecker
  2. Use the WebSphere® Integrated Solutions Console to deploy SpellChecker.ear onto the remote server. Specify /wps/spellcheck as the context root.
    You can also use a context root other than the default. To use a different context root, before you deploy SpellChecker.ear, change the following line in the application.xml file:
    For example, to change the context root for spell checker to /test/, change the line in application.xml to <context-root>/test/spellcheck</context-root>. Also, update the context root value in the file of the Portal server.
  3. Copy the following files and folder to the remote server:
  4. Restart the remote server.