Integrating HCL Connections profile | HCL Digital Experience

You can enable the HCL Connections profile in HCL Portal so that users can view HCL Connections business card information and link to features such as communities, blogs, and activities.

About this task

Note: You must enable Show Email on the HCL Connections server to ensure that portal users can view profile information.


  1. Search the HCL Connections LDAP directory for the user whose profile you want to enable in HCL Portal and then add that user to the portal LDAP directory.
  2. Ensure that ibm-primaryEmail is mapped to the appropriate attribute in the LDAP and that the email address in the HCL Connections LDAP matches the email address in the portal LDAP.
    For example, mail or email
  3. Register the HCL Connections server.
    For stand-alone portal, complete the steps on the node. For a clustered environment, complete the steps on the WebSphere® Application Server Network Deployment.
    1. Open the WebSphere® Integrated Solutions Console.
    2. Click Resources > URL > URL Providers.
    3. Select the Default URL Provider at the beginning of the hierarchy.
    4. Under Additional Properties, select URLs.
    5. Click New and then specify these settings under General Properties:
      JNDI name
      Card for HCL Connections version 2.5, or earlier:

      For example:

      Card for later versions of HCL Connections (post version 2.5):

      For example:

      The URL you type fetches the JavaScript file file/profiles/portalJS/portalBizCard.js.. You do not have to type in the entire URL to the JavaScript file, only type in the Connections HTTPS address. If you are using an HTTP server in front of the Connections environment, the port number can be omitted.

    6. Click Save to save the changes to the master configuration.
  4. Restart the HCL Portal server.


After you enable the HCL Connections profile for a particular user, when you move the cursor over that person's active (underlined) name in HCL Portal, and then click Click for Person Card, you see the HCL Connections profile for that person. The profile is displayed in the business card section of the Person card, with links to more HCL Connections features. Click Profile to see the user's full HCL Connections profile. To return to the HCL Portal page, click Back in the browser.
Note: If you integrate HCL Connections and then select a user who does not have a HCL Connections profile, portal displays the message profile does not exist. Click Back to return to HCL Portal.