Configuring security for overlay analytics reports | HCL Digital Experience

You can administer which users can view overlay reports. To do this, you use the virtual resource OVERLAY_REPORTS.

About this task

This resource allows you to determine the user rights that are related to the overlay reports. The following description explains which roles a user requires to view overlay reports. The user actions correspond to the normal portal roles. Privileges are inherited.

In a default portal installation the wpsadmins group has the USER role. There is no role assigned to the anonymous user or to the group All authenticated users.
  • To view overlay reports, users need at least the USER role to the virtual resource OVERLAY_REPORTS , ADMIN_SLOTS , and to the resource on which they want to see the overlay report.
  • In a default portal installation only the group wpsadmins has the USER role on OVERLAY_REPORTS.
Can view overlay reports on all resources, for example pages or portlets where at least the USER role is given.