Previewing content on web content pages | HCL Digital Experience

When working with content in the authoring portlet, you can preview content items in a portal environment as part of a web content page.

About this task

To preview content items, there must be a web content viewer on the associated web content page, and the viewer must be configured to receive links. This preview shows the content item in a more accurate context, as it would be displayed to users.

There are two ways to preview content items in a portal:
  • You can use dynamic page selection. In this case, the portal determines the best match for the web content page to use for previewing the content item. The page selection is based on the content associations between the site area that contains the content item and the available web content pages.
  • You can specify individual pages for previewing content.


  1. Enable the preview function in the authoring portlet.
    This step must be done only once.
    1. Select either Edit Shared Settings or Configure from the menu in the title bar of the authoring portlet.
    2. In the Previewing Options section, indicate the previewing method that you want to use.
      • To use dynamic page selection, select Allow authors to preview content dynamically in a Web Content portal page.
      • To preview content items on specific pages, select the pages to use for previewing from the list with the following heading: Allow authors to preview content in the local portal pages.
  2. Preview the content as a web content page.
    1. Select a content item in the authoring portlet.
    2. Click Preview, and then select Preview as a Web Content portal page.
      A separate browser window opens to show the content item on its associated web content page.