Workflow stages and actions | HCL Digital Experience

You use workflows to control the access to, verification and eventual approval of items. Only if an item is approved at all stages up to a published stage can it be viewed on your website.

A workflow must have at least one stage, but typically has more, and it always flows in a linear pattern. You can use a workflow to:

  • Review the accuracy of content.
  • Review content for any legal implications.
  • Review content to ensure that it meets accessibility guidelines.
  • Ensure that no malicious code such as cross scripting attacks are added to content.

A reject stage can be specified, which is a stage that is run when a document is declined, before the document is moved it to the first stage of the workflow. If the item is rejected at any stage, someone with editor access needs to correct or amend the item and resubmit it into the selected workflow (for approval). All items that are rejected (regardless of the stage they are at in the approval process) are sent back to the first (creation) stage of the workflow.

You can also specify that a comment must be entered on every move a document makes in the workflow or only on specific stages. This comment is added to the document's history section.