Inline editing

Inline editing enables users with edit access to a content item to edit that item from within the web page itself instead of using the authoring portlet. This feature is available when you display content with a web content viewer portlet.

The inline editing feature requires:
  • HCL Portal version or later, or Web Content Manager version or later.
  • A theme that supports Dojo. The themes that are included with HCL Portal are enabled for Dojo.

    If you create a custom theme, in addition to supporting Dojo, the new theme must reference the wcm_inplaceEdit theme module. For information about creating themes that support Dojo, see Dojo and HCL Portal.

  • When using inline editing with page components, users must have Editor access to the Portal Site library.

Important: This feature can be enabled or disabled by enabling or disabling the content targeting feature and application objects. For more information, see Installing content targeting features and application objects.
Note: When a user tabs between inplace editing enabled fields, users need to click each field in turn to access inplace editing for each field.