Configuring remote server access for links | HCL Digital Experience

Before you can add links to files and documents that are stored in remote content management systems into web content elements, you must configure your server with information about the remote system and the settings that are used to handle communication with the system.

About this task

To prevent linking to unsafe servers, you need to specify a list of allowed domains that your portal can access by using the portal's AJAX proxy component. You can use the global AJAX proxy configuration to customize the outgoing HTTP traffic, such as applying specific HTTP timeout values or configuring an outbound HTTP proxy server. To do this, map the URL patterns for the Enterprise Content Manager server to the federated_documents_policy dynamic policy using the WP ConfigService configuration service.


  1. Log in to the WebSphere® Integrated Solutions Console.
  2. Click Resources > Resource Environment > Resource Environment Providers.
  3. Click WP ConfigService.
  4. Under Additional Properties, click Custom Properties.
  5. Click New, and enter the property name wp.proxy.config.urlreplacement.federated_documents_policy.suffix, and set the string value to the URL pattern of the Enterprise Content Manager server.
    For example, to enable the server to access information from the Enterprise Content Manager server on port 10038 over HTTP, you would add the following property:
    Note: The value of the property key suffix can be any value as long as it is unique within the set of keys mapping to the federated_documents_policy.
  6. Create additional properties as needed for any other Enterprise Content Manager servers that you need to access through the server.
  7. Save your changes, and restart the portal server.

What to do next

If a user tries to access a server (for example, that has not been added to the list of allowed domains, the following message is displayed:
Access to remote server has not been granted. 
Please contact your system administrator.