Pre-rendered delivery | HCL Digital Experience

You can pre-render a complete HCL Web Content Manager site into HTML and save it to disk. The pre-rendered site can then be used as your live site and displayed to users that use either Web Content Manager or a web server. You deploy a pre-rendered site when you are not using any HCL Portal features and your content is static and is only updated periodically.

  • Site areas and content item names cannot contain characters that are considered invalid in file names by the operating system on which you are pre-rendering. For example, on a Windows™ server, these characters are invalid: / \ : * ? " < > |.
  • The path to the content item, including the directory path to which you are pre-rendering (for example, site area/content) cannot exceed the operating system's maximum path length:
    • Windows: 255 characters
    • AIX®IBM® iLinux™Solarisz/OS®: 1024 characters
  • The Search component cannot be used in pre-rendered sites.

  • The Page navigation component cannot be used in pre-rendered sites.

  • Personalization elements can be pre-rendered only if the personalization rule is configured for anonymous access.

Site security
Item security for different users set in an Web Content Manager environment is not transferred to pre-rendered sites. The security for the entire pre-rendered site is based on the connect.moduleconfig.cacher.rendereruser property as specified in the WCM WCMConfigService service by using the WebSphere® Integrated Solutions Console.