Social Content

Integrating social content into your digital experiences adds to the rich user experience. Capabilities such as community pages and HCL Connections portlets make that integration possible.

Integrate HCL Connections into your site using community pages and HCL Connections Portlets.

Community pages

Portlets on community pages are automatically scoped to the community membership and display content from the community in the portlets. For example, if your community contains a forum you can add the forum portlet to a community page. The portal site visitors can view and interact with the forum content from the portal site.

You can automatically create new communities for your pages during the page template instantiation.

HCL Connections Portlets

Connection portlets are not installed with the portal. The portlet includes activities, blogs, blog summary, bookmarks, bookmarks summary, profiles, profiles summary, wikis, forums, forums summary, community overview, and tags.