Enabling renditions | HCL Digital Experience

Renditions are enabled by default. If you disable them, you must run a ConfigEngine task to enable them.

About this task

Running this task sets renditions.enabled=true as a global property for all virtual portals in the Web Content Manager Config Resource Environment Provider Service.


  1. Go to the wp_profile_root/ConfigEngine directory.
  2. Run the following command:
    • AIX® HP-UX Linux Solaris: ./ConfigEngine.sh enable-renditions -DPortalAdminPwd=password -DWasPassword=password
    • IBM® i: ConfigEngine.sh enable-renditions -DPortalAdminPwd=password -DWasPassword=password
    • Windows: ConfigEngine.bat enable-renditions -DPortalAdminPwd=password -DWasPassword=password
    • z/OS®: ./ConfigEngine.sh enable-renditions -DPortalAdminPwd=password -DWasPassword=password
  3. Restart the HCL Portal server.