Conventions | HCL Digital Experience

Understand the conventions that are used in this documentation to use it more effectively.

The following section provides conventions that can help you interpret the information that is provided in this documentation:

  • File names, directories, and commands appear in Courier font. For example:
    • File name: xmlaccess.bat or
    • Directory: /opt/HCL/PortalServer
    • Command: startServer HCL Portal and HCL Web Content Manager
  • Variables are either italicized, enclosed in brackets, or both. For example:, where is the fully qualified host name of the server where Portal is running and 10039 is the default transport port that is created by WebSphere® Application Server. The port number might be different for your environment.
  • Variables are used to indicate root installation directories. For more information, see Directory structure.
  • Directories are shown with forward slashes (/), unless operating-system specific information is provided. On Windows systems, you must use backward slashes (\) when typing at a command line, unless otherwise noted.
  • Operating system-specific information is provided, for example:
    • AIX® HP-UX Linux Solaris: ./ task_name
    • IBM® i: task_name
    • Windows: ConfigEngine.bat task_name
    • z/OS®: ./ task_name
  • Links to reference information and external links are marked with the For your reference icon: For your reference.
  • Most topics include a Related information section that links to other relevant topics.