Personalization jar files that use public API | HCL Digital Experience

Learn about the .jar files that contain public APIs documented in Personalization JavaDoc information. Unless they are included in the JavaDoc documentation, classes are not public API even if they are included in these .jar files.

When you use IBM® Rational® Application Developer and the Portal Personalization tools, these classes are added to your project classpath automatically and no further action is necessary.

If you are compiling your application outside of Rational® Application Developer and you are using Personalization APIs, you may need to add the following classes to your classpath when compiling your application. These .jar files are located in PortalServer_root/pzn/prereq.pzn/lib:

  • pznquery.jar
  • pznresources.jar
  • pznruntime.jar
  • pznwpsruntime.jar