Roadmap: Creating the teaser page component

This roadmap describes how to create the teaser page component of the design from an HTML component. The teaser page component is used on the Home, Product, and Events page.

Who should use this roadmap

You are a developer on the technical team that is tasked with creating home and landing page templates for content authors to use on the site. You are responsible only for creating page components and design templates. Other developers are responsible for developing other pieces of the design. Learn the basics of developing the teaser component.

Creating your teaser page component

Before you begin

Ensure that your design library exists, for example, Greenwheels Design. If the library does not exist, go to Creating a design library


  1. Click the Applications menu icon. Then, click Content > Web Content Authoring.
  2. Go to your design library.
  3. Click Generate > Page Component.
    1. Select Teaser as the template type.
    2. Enter a page component name for your teaser.
      For example, type Teaser.
    3. Ensure that your design library is selected.
    4. Click OK.
  4. You can edit the authoring template, presentation template, or the styles component to customize your teaser page component. If you edit the authoring template, you must click Apply Author Template to update the content associated with this authoring template.