Changing ports | HCL Digital Experience 8.5

One can change the HCL Digital Experience port numbers assigned to DX Portal Server after installation.

Valid reason for doing so might be:
  • Port conflicts with other servers on the system;
  • Match existing convention with other WebSphere Application Server ports; or
  • Match a corporate guideline which is inconsistant with the ports assigned.

By default (and without conflict with any other WebSphere Application Servers installed on this node) the installation process will assign ports 10032 through 10051 to this DX Portal Server installation.

Prerequisite for changing ports: HCL Digital Experience (DX) Portal Server is installed.

Options for changing assigned ports

There are two options for changing the port numbers for an existing DX Portal Server installation.
  • Changing the first port used by the DX Portal Server and then sequentially incrementing the port numbers for each ports needed.
  • Reading the port assignments from a file.

View existing port assignments

Run the following task from the {wp_profile_root}/ConfigEngine directory to generate a list of the existing port assignments:
  • AIX and Linux:
    ./ list-server-ports-by-name -DServerName=HCL Portal and HCL Web Content Manager -DWasPassword=password
  • Windows™:
    ConfigEngine.bat list-server-ports-by-name -DServerName=HCL Portal and HCL Web Content Manager -DWasPassword=password

    The output port file is located in the {wp_profile_root}/ConfigEngine/log directory. It lists the HCL Digital Experience ports for this installation. In addition to the WebSphere_Portal_PortMatrix.txt file created, the port names and values will also be imbedded in the ConfigEngine output listed to your screen.

    Some ports will not be listed in the output. For example, the CSIV2_SSL_SERVERAUTH_LISTENER_ADDRESS value is not listed.

Change the port numbers

  1. Stop the HCL Portal server.
  2. Do either of the following 2 options:
    • Run the following command to change the starting port number:
      • AIX, Linux:
        ./ modify-ports-by-startport -DWasPassword=password -DModifyPortsServer=WebSphere_Portal -DStartPort=starting port number
      • Windows:
        ConfigEngine.bat modify-ports-by-startport -DWasPassword=password -DModifyPortsServer=WebSphere_Portal -DStartPort=starting port number
      The starting port parameter is required for a successful completion of the modify-ports-by-startport task. When you specify a start port, this port becomes the base for assigning port values. The code increments this value as each port is assigned, which means that the DX Portal Server ports are assigned incrementally starting with the port defined with the modify-ports-by-startport task.
    • Run the following command to change ports by using a port file:
      • AIX, Linux:
        ./ modify-ports-by-portsfile -DWasPassword=password -DModifyPortsServer=WebSphere_Portal -DPortsFile=full path to ports filed
      • Windows:
        ConfigEngine.bat modify-ports-by-portsfile -DWasPassword=password -DModifyPortsServer=WebSphere_Portal -DPortsFile=full path to ports file
      Sample port files are available on the Setup disc. The following information is an example of a port file although the port values are different based on your environment:
  3. Restart the HCL Portal server.