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Pages that you can modify in Manage Pages appear as links in a table. By clicking a link to select a page, you can navigate to other nested pages to perform page tasks. You can also select labels and URLs in Manage Pages.

About this task

Manage Pages allows you to create, modify and delete pages, URLs, and labels. Any page that you are able to modify appears in a table, and the icons that display depend upon the tasks that you have permission to perform. If links exist in the Page title column, use those links to navigate to child pages of the selected page. As you perform page tasks, you will leave Manage Pages, but you will return to Manage Pages after completing each task.

For example, if you are able to modify the title of the page titled My page, clicking the Edit Page Properties icon takes you to Properties to change the page title and returns you to when you complete your changes.

  • Displayed icons and links are dependent upon the tasks you have permission to perform.
  • Upon completion of each task, you will be returned to Manage Pages.
  • To access pages that are nested under others, click the Page title.