Running open pipeline deployment in Azure DevOps

You can run the deployment and release of the application in Azure Devops using the HCL DevOps Velocity (Velocity) pipeline.

To run a deployment in Azure DevOps from Velocity pipeline perform the following steps,
  1. Create a pipeline for the project in Azure DevOps.
  2. Link the project to the repository in Azure DevOps.
  3. Integrate the Azure DevOps plugin by following the steps in integration section.
  4. Add Azure Devops project to the environment of Velocity pipeline by following the steps in managing pipeline section.
  5. The latest build version of the Azure DevOps project gets populated in the Input stage of the Velocity pipeline.
  6. To deploy the application, click Deploy for the environment and select the required version of the project for deployment.
  7. Click Deployment from plan to view the deployment task status. After the completion of deployment task, the status changes to Complete.
  8. The result of the project deployment is updated in pipeline.