Creating tasks

By default, new tasks are inserted at the bottom of the deployment plan. After a task is created, you can move it, or copy it and paste it into another deployment plan. You can also create dependencies with other tasks.

About this task

Tasks can be added to a deployment by creating a new task or importing an existing task.

After you save a task, actions are displayed for the task. You use actions to change the task's status during a deployment. All tasks have the skip Skip action action. Other actions, such as the start Start action action, are displayed when the context is appropriate for them.


  1. From the deployment detail page, click Create task to create one or more tasks.
  2. Select a task type.
    Note: The availability of task types will depend on your version of HCL Launch and integrations.

Possible task types include:

  • Ansible
  • Delayed
  • Deployment Risk Analysis
  • Email
  • Header / Note
  • Jenkins
  • Manual
  • Run a Shell Script (requires shell script plugin)
  • Run another plan
  • ServiceNow™
  • HCL Launch (requires HCL Launch integration)
  • HCL Launch Status (requires HCL Launch integration)
  • Wait for approval

  1. Provide information in required and optional fields displayed according to the task type selected.
  2. Click Save and create another to create additional tasks. Click Save when finished.