Restoring archived releases, plans, and templates

You can restore archived releases, deployment plans, and templates.

About this task

A restored release retains all of its original deployment plans.


  1. On the Releases page, click Archived.
    The Archive page lists all archived items. The TYPE column displays whether the item is a release, plan, or template.
  2. Locate the item to be archived.
    Using the search bar, you can limit the amount of information displayed by typing a filter to narrow the archive search results. Filters can contain keywords, teams, tags, or name. You can also click on some of the table headers to sort the table in ascending or descending order based on the heading selected. For example, clicking ARCHIVED DATE, list the items from earliest archive date to current. Click the tag ( ) to toggle on or off the displaying of tags associated with the release activity.
  3. If an item needs to be restored, click the overflow () and then select Restore.
    Repeat this step for each release to be restored.
  4. Click Releases to return to the Releases page.


  • Restored releases are displayed in the list of releases.
  • Restored releases retains all of its original deployment plans.
  • Restored deployment plans have a status of draft.