Managing deployment plans

You can change existing deployment plans and view current status from the deployment plan detail page.

About this task

The deployment plan detail page displays a list of tasks, properties, versions, and the change history associated with the plan.
  • Click Tasks to work with the tasks in the plan. You can add tasks, schedule tasks, skip a task, and reopen a completed task.
  • Click the Properties to view properties and their value.
  • Click the Versions to view versions.
  • Click the Change history to view a list of the changes, revision number, user who made the revision, and date. You can also restore a plan to a specific version by clicking restore ().
From this page you can modify and archive the plan, change the name of the plan, make a copy of the plan, and create a template from the plan. Access these features from the overflow menu ( ) at the top right corner of the page.
  • Click Import tasks to incorporate tasks into the deployment plan from various file sources including spreadsheets, project management tools, or UrbanCode Release.
  • Click Estimate task times for approximating task durations.
  • Click Edit to modify the deployment plan. With this option, you can add events and tags to the release event.
  • Click Copy to copy a deployment plan. A copy of the selected plan is added to the release.
  • Click Copy as template to create a template based on this plan.
  • Click Archive plan to remove the deployment plan from the release. Removed plans are not permanently deleted and can be added to another release.