Metrics FAQs

Metrics frequently asked questions

How do I add to the metric bar? What permission and roles are required to modify the metric bar?
You can select up to eight metrics including lead- and cycle-time along with six more that you choose for your value stream. These metrics are data driven from integrations and value stream data. A user can add metrics by clicking add a metric icon on the Metric bar if available and then follow these instructions. If it is not available, it means you either do not have permissions or the metric bar already has a maximum of eight metrics displayed.
Note: The
permission is required through either the Lead developer or Pipeline designer roles to add metrics.
What do these metrics mean?
Metric definitions are found here. You can also view metric definitions on the following pages:
  • On the Value Streams page, click
    add a metric iconInsights metric chart reference
    to display the Add Metrics window and then hover over the individual metrics underneath the Delivery flow, Quality, and Risk metrics categories to display metrics with definitions in pop-ups.
  • On the Insights Dashboards page, click Add charts. Metric definitions can be viewed by clicking the expand and collapse buttons on the left side of the Delivery flow, Quality, and Risk metrics categories followed by clicking the expand and collapse buttons on the left side of the metrics under the aforementioned categories to display the definition and metric-type of Built in metric or Custom metric for metrics with definitions.
Can I change the time range for metrics?
Yes for certain metrics and no for the following:
  • Lead time
  • Load
  • Contributors
  • Throughput
  • Distribution
Why does the lead- and cycle-time have click in while other metrics do not?
Lead- and cycle-time are critical metrics to VSM in terms of operational effectiveness of your teams and quantifying workflow into and through the system.
How do I display charts and graphs for these metrics?
Metrics in the Metric bar are available in Insights except Bottleneck which is a measure of current process and is displayed in the Value stream tab. Bottleneck is explained in detailed here.
Are custom metrics available for use?
Yes, creating custom metrics will show up on this list and be hardcoded time duration of X.
What are these custom metrics representing?
Reference previous answer and it is not directly tied to a single integration. For example, you can not view Unit Tests for a single integration because it applies to the whole value stream.
What does blank or zero metrics mean?
This could mean many things. There may be a dependency on lead time or the data is not linked.
How do I set up lead- and cycle-time metrics?
This is set up in the VSM JSON file.
What metrics change when I change my definition of lead time?
Value stream metrics including the following:
  • Average Load
  • Throughput
  • Distribution
Can I set up multiple lead- and cycle-time metrics.
Not currently.
What is lead- and cycle-time and how are the metrics represented graphically?
Lead- and cycle-time definitions are detailed here and the graph shown in the following figure.add a metric icon
add a metric iconInsights metric chart reference
If I have a definition of lead time, can I change the algorithm?
Not currently.
Why are there similarly named metrics in the Value Streams and Insights pages?
Metric name equivalences are detailed here.