Managing user access keys

Create a key that you can use to authenticate API calls.

About this task

Until new users are assigned to teams, they are automatically assigned to the Default team in the Viewer and Participant roles. Users in these roles can view objects, such as releases and value streams, but they cannot create or edit them. Additionally, users in these roles can generate user access tokens and access API endpoints with GET requests. Administrators grant users elevated permissions when they assign them to roles such as Lead Developer or Release Manager.


  1. On the Settings page, click My Profile, and then click New User Access Key.
  2. Enter a name for the key, and then click Create.
  3. In the Access key created window, click Copy key to copy the key to the Clipboard.
  4. Save the key to a secure location.
    Note: It's important to save the key because it will not be accessible after you close the Access key created window.

What to do next

You can use the key whenever you use plug-ins or external clients to integrate tools into HCL Accelerate.

You can review the issued user access keys on the User access key management page, Settings > User authorization > User access keys. If you have administrator permissions, you can delete user access keys from that page.