Managing the portfolio

Apply metric data to your applications.

Before you begin

Experimental features, such as the Insights portfolio feature, are disabled by default. To enable the feature, complete the following steps:
  1. On an active HCL Accelerate server, access https://my_velocity:port/featureflags.
  2. In the Enter a feature name to enable it field, enter vsm-data-portfolio. If the process is successful, the feature is added to the Enabled Features list, and the Portfolio tab becomes available on the Insights page.
Note: Experimental features are provided for testing purposes. Experimental features might change at any time.

About this task

The Portfolio feature collects summary information about your applications in one place where you can apply metric-data charts to them. In HCL Accelerate, the term 'application' refers to processes integrated from tools such as HCL Launch, Jenkins™, and SonarQube™. You can also load applications into HCL Accelerate by using the API.

To add charts to applications, complete the following steps:


  1. On the HCL Accelerate Home page, click Insights.
    The Portfolio view is displayed.
  2. In the Portfolio view, click chart to view the charts.

    Metrics charts are displayed that you can apply to the portfolio.

    Figure 1. Portfolio metric charts
    portfolio metric charts
  3. Select a chart that you want to apply to the applications, and then close the Visible metrics window.
    The metrics chart is applied to the applications, and a column is added to the Portfolio view that displays the data.