Managing a release

Use the release details page to view details about a specific release.

This page contains the calendar and list of tasks. When viewing tasks you can select to view only your tasks or all tasks.

You can also use this page to access and work with release templates.

Use this page to view and work with archived releases removed from the calendar and list of tasks.

When you access a release from the Releases page, you can create a deployment plan and display overview details about the release, such as the deployment plans associated with the release with related details. From the Overview section of the Releases page, you can view the following release details for specific releases:
  • Plans displays the plans associated with the release and task status, team, and date that the task is scheduled. You can access additional details for specific plans.
  • Task progress displays the associated tasks that are not completed and contains information such as type of task, task owner, start and end time, duration, and task dependencies.
  • Release stories displays a list of Jira® issues associated with the release.
  • Approvals list the approvals with the status of the approval and approver.
  • Change requests displays a list of ServiceNow™ change requests.

The Properties section displays properties defined in the plan and property value.