Searching the z/OS environment inventory

The z/OS search feature is available for any application that contains a z/OS type component. Search is performed for a specific file in the artifacts belonging to the z/OS components deployed to that environment.

About this task

Files in the z/OS environment can be identified with the Search Z Artifacts option available in the z/OS application environment.


  1. Navigate to the environment of interest (Applications > application name > Environments > Environment: environment name.
  2. From the Properties ellipsis for the environment, select Search Z Artifacts.
    Search Z Artifacts selection
  3. Enter the name of the file to search in the Search Z Artifacts dialog, then click Search. Results are returned in batches. A maximum of 1000 results are returned per batch, beginning with the most recent version deployed. If the file is not found in the most recent batch, a file not found message is displayed.
  4. Select Search Earlier Inventory to return the next 1000 most recent instances of the file. Subsequent results can be returned until there are no more versions to search.

    The batch size of returned results is configurable and can be changed by adding the property<number> to the servers file.

    The following information is presented for each batch returned in the search results.

    Name The name of the file, as imported into CodeStation. The file names are group according to the PDS (container) on the mainframe where they are located.
    Deploy Type The type of resource the file was mapped to when deployed.
    Inputs The inputs to the artifact (like copybooks) provided in the shiplist file.
    Component The name of the component that belongs to the file.
    Version The version the file was deployed in.
    Deployment Time The calendar date and time the file was deployed as mm/dd/yyy and hh:mm (12-hour clock).