Managing tags

As an administrator or user with appropriate permissions, you can create and edit the agent, application, component, and resource tags from the Tags tab.


  1. Click Settings > Tags.
  2. Select a tag type such as Agent Tags, and click Create Tag.
  3. Configure the tag in the Create Tag window:
    Parameter Description
    Name Identifies the tag name and is included in the Tags column when added.
    Description Conveys more information about the tag.
    Color Defines the tag color that is displayed in the UI.
  4. Save your changes.
    The tag lists in the Agent Tags page.
    • Tags once created can only be edited and not deleted.
    • Another way to create a tag is by navigating to the respective agent, application, component, or resource. Click Add Tag icon, select Add New Tag, and provide the tag details as described in the table above.