Setting up recurring reports

Recurring reports run on a schedule and e-mail the results to you.

Before you begin

  • In the server system settings, in the Mail Server Settings section, configure an e-mail server.
  • Make sure that your e-mail address in your account information is correct. Recurring reports are sent to that address.

About this task

Recurring reports can run monthly, weekly, or daily.


  1. Create a report as usual.
  2. Open the report.
  3. Click Schedule Recurring Report .
  4. Set the date on which to start the report, the time to run it, and the frequency for the report, and click Submit.


The server runs the report on the schedule you set and e-mails a CSV file to your e-mail address.

What to do next

To cancel the recurring report, open the report, click Schedule Recurring Report, and select the Stop scheduling this report? check box.