Accessing DevOps Deploy

You can access the HCL DevOps Deploy (Deploy) server with a Web browser.

Before you begin




  1. Open a web browser and go to the server host name that you configured during installation.
    Login URL: The installation log shows the complete URL for the server. The default URL is https://hostname:port, where hostname host name of the computer on which the server is running and port is the HTTPS port that you used when you installed the server. The default HTTPS port is 8443.
    Admin URL: As an administrator, you can access the server using the URL https://hostname:port/admin when password-based login is disabled for user authentication.
  2. Log on to the server.
    When you access the server for the first time, the default user name is admin, and password is what you specified when you installed the server. You can change these credentials later by using the Settings tab on the Deploy web application. See Server settings and configuration for a detailed information on the Settings tab. Also, see Authentication realms for information about how you can manage user accounts.
  3. Optional: Check the Keep me logged in box option and the login cookie gets the expiration date one year in the future.

What to do next

If you set the server to use secure connections, your web browser might show a security warning that says that the connection is not secure. This warning appears because the server does not have a trusted certificate. See Configuring SSL on Apache Tomcat and LDAP servers.