Creating users manually

You can manually create users on the server for internal security and SSO type authentication realms.

Before you begin

Editing user information requires permission to view the Authentication (Users)page. Make sure that the user's role has the Manage Teams and WebUI | Settings Tab permissions enabled.


  1. On the server, click Settings > Authentication (Users) > target realm > Create User.
  2. In the Create User dialog box, enter the user information:
    1. Enter the user name that is associated with the account in the Username field.
    2. Enter the password for the user in the Password field.
      Password complexity can be configured from the System Settings page.
    3. Enter the user's name in the Name field.
    4. Enter the email address that is associated with the account in the Email field.
  3. Save your work when you are done.

What to do next

After you add a user to an authentication realm, you must also add the user to groups or teams.