Adding an image or video

Add an image or video to a wiki page.

Adding an image

The easiest way to add an image is to paste an image into your wiki page. Or you can add an image from your local file system, from a file attachment that you already uploaded, or from a webpage:

  1. Insert the cursor in the Entry field where you want the image to be displayed.
  2. Click the Insert Image icon in the editor toolbar.
  3. Enter the URL of an image file or add an image from an attachment.

Embedding a video

Link directly to a Flash movie if you have its URL. A Flash movie usually has a *.swf file extension. Or link to an embedded video, such as a YouTube video, by embedding the video code in your HTML code .

  • To insert a Flash movie, click the Flash icon Insert Flash Movie in the rich text editor, enter the URL, then set the width and height. Click Preview to see your movie.
  • To embed a video, copy the embed code and paste it into the HTML code of the wiki page