Flagging forum content as inappropriate

If a forum contains content that might be considered inappropriate, flag the content to alert the forum moderator. Any Forums user can flag forum content as inappropriate.

About this task

When you flag forum content as inappropriate, the forum owner or a designated moderator reviews the flagged content and then removes or dismisses the flag.

The standards that determine whether forum content is inappropriate depend on your organization's corporate guidelines. Corporate guidelines usually discourage profanities and personal attacks, but more rules might apply in your organization. For example, information that is related to product development might not be suitable for discussion in a public forum. If you are unsure about the guidelines that apply to forums in your organization, ask your Forums administrator for advice.


To flag a forum entry as inappropriate, complete the following steps:
  1. Open the forum that contains the content that you want to flag.
  2. Browse to the content that you want to flag and click Flag as Inappropriate.
    You can flag a forum topic or a response to a forum topic.
  3. Select a category for the issue that you are reporting.
    Note: This option is displayed only if the IBM® Connections administrator categorized issues that are of concern to your organization. These categories might include Inappropriate business content or Security risk.
  4. Enter your reason for flagging the content and then click Flag.


The Forums administrator, or a designated moderator, is notified that the forum post is flagged so that they can review its content and take appropriate action.