Notifying your members

Members don't automatically receive notifications from your activity. You can manually notify each member of an update, or have all your members follow the activity to get routine updates.

Notify members yourself

After you edit the activity, you can choose to notify people of your update.
  1. Click Edit on your entry or to-do.
  2. Select Notify people of this entry.
  3. Choose which people you want to be notified.
  4. Click Save.

Have members follow

Members can choose to be automatically notified of updates by following the activity.
  1. Have members open your activity.
  2. Have members click Follow this Activity.

Subscribe to an activity

Subscribe to any feed by clicking Feed icon.
  1. Open your activity.
  2. Find a view or section that has a list of all the entries you want to get updated about.
  3. Click Feed for these Entries.
  4. Add the feed to your preferred feed reader.

Next steps

Think you'll need this activity again? Save yourself some time and create a template based on it.