Installing HCL Connections in silent mode (with an existing IBM® Installation Manager)

Use a silent installation to perform an identical installation of HCL Connections on multiple systems.

Before you begin

Ensure that you complete all the prerequisite tasks that are relevant for your environment. For more information, see the Before installing topic.

Ensure that IBM® Installation Manager version or later is installed on your system. If you have an earlier version, update it by running the following command from the folder <Connections_installer>/IM/<your_platform> :
  • AIX® or Linux:./install --launcher.ini silent-install.ini -log log_file -acceptLicense

    For example: ./install --launcher.ini silent-install.ini -log root/mylogs/mylogfile.xml -acceptLicense

where log_file is the name and path of the log file.

To prevent errors caused by using the wrong version of IBM® Installation Manager, remove the following line from the default response file:
<offering id='' version='1.7.1000.20131119_2219' profile='IBM Installation Manager' features='agent_core,agent_jre' installFixes='none'/>
Note: Installation Manager might ask you to upgrade the Installation Manager. HCL Connections bundles only the 64-bit, version of Installation Manager. If you have an earlier version of Installation Manager that is 32-bit, you must upgrade it to version To download that version, see Installation Manager

To create a customized version of the default response file, run the installation wizard in interactive mode. For more information, see the The default response file topic. Response files are provided for silent installations on AIX and Linux. On Windows, refer to the topics Installing in console mode and Modifying the installation in console mode mode.

About this task

Using a response file for your intended deployment, install HCL Connections on multiple systems without needing to interact with the installation wizard.

To perform a silent installation, complete the following steps:


  1. Open a command prompt and navigate to the IM_root/eclipse/tools directory.
  2. Enter the following command: ./imcl -input response_file -log log_file -acceptLicense
    Note: The IM_root/eclipse directory contains a similar file called IBMIM.exe but that file is not suitable for silent installation.

    where response_file is the full path and name of the response file and log_file is the full path and name of the log file. The default name of the response file is LC.rsp. By default, the response file is in connections_root

    Compare the following example to your environment: ./imcl -input <connections_root>/silentResponseFile/LC.rsp -log /mylog/silent_install_log.xml -acceptLicense

What to do next

Complete any applicable post-installation tasks. For more information, see the Post-installation tasks topic.