iframe integration files

These are the files needed to add an Important To Me (ITM) bar iframe to your Connections component page.

Host page
The page to which you are adding the ITM bar. Usually, this is the main page of the component. The page is responsible for loading the ITM bootstrap script and manipulating the ITM web component by calling its functions. This is the only file you need to edit. The remaining files work without modification.
The bootstrap JavaScript file, which is loaded by the host page. It creates the iframe element and passes through the ITM configuration object created by the host app.
HTML source for the iframe
The HTML page that the iframe will use as the source. It is generated by the common build project and provides common services such as loading the ITM bundle file, detecting the locale, and fetching the corresponding language resource.
The entry point of the ITM web client itself, which enables rendering of the bar in the iframe HTML.