Creating an entry

Have a big announcement or idea? Create a blog entry to tell others about it. You can contribute to any blog for which you have owner, author, or draft permission.

Create an entry

  1. Open the blog that you want to contribute to, and click New Entry or click the New Entry icon on the Public Blogs page.
  2. Enter a title for your entry.
  3. Enter the text for your entry.
  4. Enter tags for your entry. These tags will make it easier for others to find your content.
  5. Click Advanced Settings to do the following:
    • Allow characters to be converted into emoticons.
    • Delay posting an entry to a blog until a time and date that you specify.
    • Limit the number of days for posting comments for the entry.
    • Specify a custom URL. You can enter some text that replaces the entry title in the URL that points to this entry.
  6. To include an external media link in a feed that includes this entry, enter the URL in the External media URL field.
  7. Click Post to publish your entry to the blog or Preview to review your entry before you post.
    Note: If you have Draft permission, your options are Submit for Review and Save as Draft instead of Post. If the blog is moderated, which means that content must be reviewed and approved before it is published in the blog, your post is not visible in the blog until a moderator approves it.

Next steps

Change your mind? Learn how to edit or delete an entry.