Uploading a file to the Files application

Add files to the Files application so that you can store them or share them with others.

Before you begin


  1. Right-click a file name from Windows Explorer and select HCL Connections > Add to Files.
    Alternatively, you can drag a desktop file to My Files in the HCL Connections section of your Windows Explorer navigation pane or paste a file into the same section.
  2. If you connect to more than one site, select a site to upload the document to.
  3. Add tags to help you more easily find the document.
  4. Select any of the following choices:

    No one (visible only to me)

    Make the file private. Only the owner can see and edit it.

    People or Communities

    Share the file with specific people or a community. Perform these steps:
    1. Select a Person or a Community.
      Note: To share with a public community, you must be using Connections 3 or higher.
    2. Select the as Reader or as Editor access level:
      • Readers can read or download a file. They can add files to folders to which they have Editor access, be notified of changes to the file, and share the file with other people.
      • Editors can read, edit, download, upload a new version, and set properties on the file. They can add files to folders to which they have Editor access, be notified of changes to the file, and share it with other people.
    3. Perform one of the following tasks:
      • To share with people, click in the field to display the names of people you recently shared files with. If the person you are looking for is displayed, select them. If they are not displayed, type a name or email address, and then select the person.
        Note: If you are connecting to Connections Cloud, type-ahead is not available when you are searching for someone external to your organization.
      • To share with a community, start typing the name of the community, and then select the community when it displays.
        Note: When you share a file with a public community the file becomes public.
    Note: When you share a file with people or a community, the option Allow others to share this file is enabled by default. You can disable this if you do not want others to share the file. This option is not available if you make a file public.

    Public (visible to everyone)

    Note: If you are connecting to a Connections Cloud server this option is Everyone in organization.
    Make the file visible to everyone, even people who are not logged in.
    Note: An administrator can configure the system so that everyone must log in, or only a certain group of people can log in. In this case public files are only available to users who are able to log in.
  5. (Connections Cloud only) Choose whether the file can be shared with people outside of your organization.
  6. (Connections Cloud only) Choose to encrypt the contents of the file.
  7. Click Upload.