Adding forum topics

Start a discussion with people in your organization by creating a forum topic. Anyone who can access Forums can view the new topic.


  1. To create a new forum topic, click Start a Topic and complete the topic form.
    You can enhance your topic by styling the text, adding images, or attaching files. If you are looking for an answer, mark the topic as a question.
  2. To post a web page as a forum topic, follow these steps.
    1. Open the Forums application, click Bookmarking Tools in the page footer, and follow the instructions for adding the Discuss This button to your browser.
    2. Go to a web page that you want to add to a forum and click Discuss This.
    3. Click Save to save your topic.


If forum topics are moderated in your organization, the new content is not displayed immediately because the forum moderator must approve it first. If content moderation is not enabled, the topic is displayed immediately.