Analyzing survey results

When a survey is complete, you can analyze the responses to get an idea of what users think.

About this task

Analyzing survey results can uncover unseen trends, reveal hidden correlations between your products, or provide data to confirm or reject assumptions about your strategies.
Tip: You can find many useful resources on analyzing survey responses on the web.


  1. Open the community containing the survey and clicks Surveys.
  2. Click More > View Results next to your survey.
  3. Browse through the summary as follows:
    • View the survey responses in pie chart, bar chart, and data table formats.
    • Hover the mouse over each pie chart segment or bar chart to get a count of how many respondents selected a specific response.
    • Click the left and right arrows to browse between questions in the summary view.
  4. Click Responses to get a view of each response.
  5. Browse through the survey responses as follows:
    • Click on a question to sort the responses for that question.
    • Click Customize to filter out some questions.
  6. Click Export Data to export the survey.