What's going on - scheduling events

Use the Events app to share information about important events and dates relating to your community.

Creating events

Depending on your access level, you can create events to flag upcoming meetings, all-day events, or events that run for a number of days.

To create a community event, complete the following steps:
  1. Select Events from the community navigation and click Create an Event. There's lots of detail you can add to an event, the most important are:
  2. Set a starting and finishing date and time.
  3. To create a repeating event, click Repeats.

Viewing events

You can view community events in a number of ways, the most important are as follows:
  • Click an event title in Upcoming Events to view more details.
  • Click View All Events in Upcoming Events. Alternatively, you can select Events from the community navigation to open the Events page.

Managing events

There are many ways to keep abreast of community events, the most important are as follows:
  • To attend an event, click Will Attend.
  • To see a list of attendees, scroll to People Attending.
  • To invite community members to an event, click More Actions > Notify Other People.