Suspending or stopping sync

You can suspend sync temporarily, turn off syncing for My Drive, or disconnect from a site altogether.

About this task

You may want to turn off syncing temporarily, for example, if you are making a lot of changes to files and want to sync when the changes are complete. Or, you might want to disconnect from a site if your work on a project is complete and you no longer want to maintain file syncing.


  • To suspend sync activities temporarily, right-click the My Drive folder and choose IBM Connections > Suspend sync.
  • To turn off syncing for a local sync folder, right-click the My Drive folder and choose IBM Connections > Stop using sync. If you turn off sync, the contents of the sync folder is copied into another folder and syncing is turned off. You can create a new sync folder at a later time to resume syncing for that site.
  • To turn off syncing by disconnecting from the server, right-click the server name in the IBM Connections section, and choose Disconnect from this site. Disconnecting does not delete any content. The contents of the associated My Drive folder are copied to a new folder and the server and all sub-folders are removed from your IBM Connections folder.
  • To stop syncing a file or folder you can also remove it from My Drive. Note that removing a file or folder from My Drive does not delete the file or folder. Also, if a file is in more than one location in My Drive, for example if you add the file to My Drive and then later add a folder containing the file to My Drive, you must remove all of the instances of the file from My Drive to turn off syncing for the file.