Opening Files in a new window or in a browser

Access the full Files capabilities by opening Connections Files in a browser window or display the Files plug-in in a window that is independent from the Notes® sidebar.

About this task

The Connections Files plug-in for Notes® provides a subset of the full Files capabilities. If you require features that are not available in the sidebar application, you can launch Connections Files from the sidebar application. You can also choose to display the Files plug-in in a window that is separate from the Notes® client sidebar so you can resize it or move it to a different location.


  1. To open Connections Files in a browser window, click Open in Browser from the panel menu.
    Connections Files opens in the web browser specified in your Notes® preferences. If you have set the Notes® preference for Web browser to open web pages as a tab within Notes®, you will not be required to log into Files. If your preferences are set to open web pages in an external browser, you may need to log into Connections.
  2. To open the Files plug-in in a new window, click Open in New Window from the panel.
    To return the Files plug-in to the Notes® sidebar, choose Dock from the panel menu.