Customizing the installation of the IBM Connections plug-ins

Customize the installer by editing the install.addon.xml file to install a custom set of IBM Connections plug-ins for an IBM Notes client.

Before you begin

Attention: Activities and Status Updates depend on the Business Card plug-in. Do not remove the Business Card plug-in if you are installing Activities or Status Updates.

About this task

Customize the installer to install parts of the plug-ins so that they are integrated with the IBM Notes client. For example, if you do not want to deploy Status Updates, you can exclude that plug-in from the installation by commenting it out in the install.addon.xml file.


  1. Open install.addon.xml in a text editor from the /deploy folder.
    For example,
    • Windows: /ConnectionsAddonInstaller/deploy
    • Mac: /ConnectionsAddonInstaller_Mac/xpd.mac-addon.pkg/Contents/deploy
  2. Comment out the plug-ins you do not want to deploy or uncomment the plug-ins you do want to deploy. For example, if you don't want to install Status Updates plug-in, comment out the Status Updates plug-in. For example:
    <!-- Below is the Status Updates plug-in install block, comment it out if you don't want to install Status Updates plug-in. -->
    <!-- Status Updates -->
    <feature action="install" id="" match="equivalent" shared="true" version=""/>
    <!-- Status Updates -->
  3. Click setup.exe/xpd.mac-addon.pkg to start the installation.