Stable locations

An alternate form of location specification uses repository and object IDs (typically UUIDs) instead of names.

Stable locations offer several advantages:
  • They are more efficient to resolve than file name location strings.
  • They provide a more stable reference for an object (that is, they are independent of any renaming).
  • They provide identifiers for objects that do not have names.

All named objects are considered to have stable locations, even if the <object-id> and <repository-id> fields of the specification are identical to the <object-name> and <repository-name> fields of the user-friendly location. That is, if an object can be identified only by name, its name is the most efficient and stable form of identification because it is the only form.

This is the general form of a stable location:
This is the form of a stable location for a HCL Compass record:
For example: