Exporting the replica packet

You create a replica by generating replica-creation packets and sending them to the sites that will host the database replicas.

About this task

In Boston, perform the following steps.
  1. Use the mkreplica -export command to create the replica for San Francisco.

    The following command creates the sanfran_hub replica of the PRODA user database in the telecomm clan. It also creates the sanfran_hub replica of the schema repository in the telecomm clan. The synchronization server for the new site is goldengate. The administrator uses the -fship option to send the packet immediately using the HCL Compass Shipping Server.

    multiutil mkreplica -export -clan telecomm -site boston_hub
    -family PRODA -user susan -password passwd -maxsize 50m -fship
    -workdir c:\temp\packets -sclass cq_default goldengate:sanfran_hub
  2. Back up the newly replicated database.

    This backup records the fact that the database is replicated. If you try to restore a database from a backup copy that was made before the database was replicated, the replica restoration procedure fails. (Although the restorereplica command may succeed, you cannot import update packets from other replicas because the original database is marked as unreplicated.)