Before you create a new replica, you must perform the steps in this topic at the original site.

About this task

  1. Make sure MultiSite licenses are installed.

    After you enter the activate command for a database set, users at the original database cannot access it without a MultiSite license (in addition to a HCL Compass license).

  2. When you create a replica of a specific database for the first time, all users must log off the database.

    The mkreplica –export command locks the database after you start to export the replica. All users must log off before the procedure begins and log on after it finishes. Data is lost if sessions are left open during the replication process.

  3. If you use the UCM integration of HCL VersionVault and HCL Compass, you must terminate all cqintsrv processes before running the first mkreplica –export on the schema repository.
  4. Determine the size of the user database and schema repository.

    Replica-creation packets can be four times as large as the respective databases. Verify that the working directory you use has enough free space. You must have write permission for the working directory, and the directory name must not exist.