Use the msimportauto.bat script to import update packets in the correct order when a clan contains multiple user databases. The script can also be used to perform syncreplica -export.


msimportauto [ -debug level ][ -MaxLoops num-loops [ -TimeToWait seconds ]]

[ -AndDoExport ]{ -clan clan-name clan-info }

Operating modes

This program operates in one of the following modes:
  • Synchronize now. The program receives pending updates, sends pending updates (optionally, with -AndDoExport), and closes. Use this mode if you want to synchronize immediately or if you want to schedule program execution with an external scheduler package, such as the Windows™ Scheduled Tasks facility or the HCL VersionVault scheduler.
  • Loop and wait. The program receives pending updates, sends pending updates (optionally, with -AndDoExport), and sleeps a specified number of seconds. It then loops back and receives, sends, and sleeps again. Use this mode if you want the program to, in effect, act as its own scheduler.

Options and arguments

-debug level

Set the debug level:
0 Apply packets to database; do not produce any debugging output
1..9 Show diagnostic information and apply packets to database (higher numbers show more granular output)
10+ Show diagnostic information, do not apply packets to database
-MaxLoops num-loops
Specifies the number of times the script will perform a receive, send, and sleep cycle (one iteration) in loop-and-wait mode.
-TimeToWait seconds
Specifies the amount of time, in seconds, between iterations. If -MaxLoops is specified, but -TimeToWait is not, the default is 30 seconds between iterations.
Issue syncreplica -export commands for the input databases (includes export as part of the receive, send, and sleep cycle).
-clan clan-name
Specifies the clans to synchronize. Multiple clans may be specified in one command, but the -clan switch must be repeated.
Specify clan-info in the following format (no spaces):

admin_username,admin_password;storage_class |

my_site is the local site that will be imported into and exported from. other_site_# specifies the other sites in the clan to be exported to and imported from.


The following commands must be entered on one line.
  • In this example, two clans, TEST and TEST1 are synchronized. TEST contains two user database families (te and te2) and TEST1 contains one (d2). Both clans use directories to store packets.

    msimportauto -debug 1 -clan TEST
    admin,"";C:\testdir\test;te,siteb,sitea;te2,siteb,sitea-clan TEST1

  • In this example, three clans (TESTCLAN, TESTCLAN2, and TESTCLAN3) are synchronized. Clan TESTCLAN consists of two user database families, te and te2. Clans TESTCLAN and TESTCLAN3 use the MultiSite synchronization server, while TESTCLAN2 uses the directory c:\TESTCLAN2 to store packets.

    msimportauto -debug 0 -MaxLoops 2 -TimeToWait 30 -clan
    TESTCLANadmin,""; cq_default;te,SITEA,SITEB,SITEC;te2,SITEA,SITEB
    -clan TESTCLAN2 admin,"";c:\TESTCLAN2;d2,SITEA,SITEB
    -clan TESTCLAN3 admin,"";cq_default;dt3,SITEA,SITEB-AndDoExport